Pay Per Click Management

PPC Campaign Management

No matter what your goal is, Pay Per Click is your solution.  With a new website, it won’t be easy to get to the top of Goole or Bing’s search results.  PPC allows you to see immediately if people find your website informative and whether you’re able to convert properly.

Now, PPC isn’t an all-in-one solution but another form of marketing that will help with the overall strategy.  Our PPC Management service has shown remarkable results and has proven to be the best.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Format

Text Ads

Text ads appear after you make a search inquiry on Google.  These results appear above the organic search results and constantly adjust according to Google’s updates. As part of our PPC Management service, we help deliver compelling ad copy.

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads appear above the organic search results.  These ads will display your product’s price, information and store information right next to your competitors.  This allows people to compare products effectively and gives you an advantage before even visiting your website.

This form of advertisement provides more exposure to your brand and delivers real results.

Display Ads

Have you ever noticed banner ads across different websites you may visit?  These are banner ads, and your company can place your media there.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using text, images, videos, and rich media.

There are instances where your ad will be placed on news websites or any affiliate website. 

Remarketing Ads

In sales, a lot of times, it’s usually the third or fourth engagement that will result in a sale.  Remarketing ads is a perfect example because it allows you to not only advertise to someone already interested in your brand, but you can add an incentive to make them finally purchase.

Google Partnership

Working with a lot of brands allows us to gain special privileges to customer services options.  Our in-depth knowledge of PPC and Google Adwords gives you peace of mind that delivers real results. 

What do you need help with?

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