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Campmany Abogados Increases Client Numbers By 7X

Spanish legal firm Campmany Abogados had already dipped its toe into digital marketing, but it had yet to go all-in with the inbound methodology. The collection of point solutions it was using didn’t work well together, and it wasn’t producing strategic, integrated campaigns. Campmany Abogados teamed up with marketing agency InboundLead and invested in the HubSpot software. In just four months, it has achieved tremendous returns. Its lead conversion rate has increased to 4% and client numbers have been boosted by 7X.

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A Law Firm Looking To Capture Leads


Legal firm Campmany Abogados was already aware of the importance of capturing the attention of its digital audience. It had a blog, it used Google AdWords and social media, but its efforts weren’t producing the results it needed. It knew that it had to make a change, so it asked marketing agency InboundLead to define its strategy.

“The firm wasn’t doing inbound in the real sense of the word. It was using tools disparate like WordPress and Hootsuite, but they couldn’t produce integrated campaigns,” explains Almudena Colmenar Nuñez, CEO and Inbound Sales Specialist at InboundLead.

As a HubSpot Partner, InboundLead knew that the HubSpot software could help Campmany Abogados to succeed online.

“The founder, Jorge Campmany, was aware of HubSpot, but he didn’t know how powerful the software could be. His main goal was to increase the firm’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate, but he also wanted to drive website traffic and close more customers. We showed him how the HubSpot software could get him the transformative results he was looking for.”

Jorge was convinced, and the firm signed up with HubSpot in 2017.

Content That Converts


InboundLead helped Campmany Abogados to come up with an integrated strategy for marketing success, all run through the HubSpot software. Today, the firm’s blog is populated by articles that are of genuine interest to its prospects, and it has ebooks and other downloads on easy-to-find Landing Pages

“We used the Social Inbox to focus on its social media campaigns and drive interest in the firm. Today, its Facebook page is exploding. It’s the most engaged page of any law firm in Spain,” says Almudena.

Jorge’s goal of converting visitors into leads is also being met – the firm’s site is filled with Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage people to interact with its content. Once their details are captured, they are nurtured through the funnel with highly specific Workflows tailored to their needs and stage in the buying process.

Campmany Abogados has embraced the inbound methodology completely; Jorge completed the HubSpot Inbound Certification within a week. The firm is also HubSpot growth stack customer, using a combination of the MarketingCRM and Sales software.

“They made the switch from a different CRM, and they now have a complete view on how every prospect has interacted with the business and where they are in the pipeline. That gives them a predictability of revenue that they just didn’t have before. The sales team then uses the Sales Pro software to create Sequences to follow up with leads, and they are about to start using the Messages tool, so they can have live online chats with potential clients.”

Unlocking New Levels of Success


In just four months, Campmany Abogados has already seen some major gains. Website traffic, which was healthy to begin with, has grown significantly. That all-important visitor-to-lead conversion rate has increased from below 1% to 4%, while lead numbers are up by 2X. 

“The firm has boosted its client numbers dramatically,” says Almudena. “It used to get three clients a month; now it gets an average of 20, which is a 7X increase. In only these four months, the firm doubled its revenue. 

Looking ahead, Campmany Abogados plans to become the largest firm specialising in labour and social security matters in Spain. 

“The firm is on an upward trajectory, and the results it has achieved so far have been amazing. We are going to continue to use the inbound method and the HubSpot software to make sure that its success continues.”