Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Ellie Ovsenik is the Director of Content Marketing at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the foremost museum devoted to the celebration and preservation of rock & roll music. Prior to using HubSpot, the Rock Hall team used a traditional structured approach to marketing that included a lot of outreach. The progression of their customer interaction has developed from spreading a wide message for all audiences to engaging with fans and using targeted messages based on data and past interactions, especially on Facebook Messenger. To make this shift, Ellie and the team at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame realized they needed a better way to engage and start conversations their audiences wanted to hear and respond to. What better place to have the conversations then on Facebook, the social network where rock & roll enthusiasts are already spending their time. At the same time, Ellie began using the HubSpot & Facebook Messenger integration to connect their entire marketing experience, all in one platform.

Evolving marketing, sales, and services


In the past, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame used a CRM and marketing tools that didn’t connect or provide the level of customer info/behavior the team wanted to inform campaign performance and resulting decision making. As a result, they found themselves spending countless hours connecting information. The team at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame knew there was a better way, and turned to HubSpot to help.

As the team started to ramp-up their marketing, they realized there was a massive opportunity to be a different kind of museum.

“As the media, and consumer worlds change, our museum has to adapt and engage people where they are. Today, this means Facebook” Ellie said. Consumers passionate about rock & roll already follow many of their favorite musicians on Facebook, and when it comes time for induction people are passionate to see their favorite band on the list.

Before messenger, the Rock Hall marketing team created a lot of resources to share hours of operation, direction, ticket prices, a list of inductees, and more. But today, expectations have changed and fans planning a trip to Cleveland want guidance and expect immediate answers and trusted local recommendations. We have the opportunity to assist with a rockstar experience to Cleveland by being a pseudo-social concierge if the Rock Hall is a driver for a Cleveland trip.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame leverages HubSpot CRM, and the Marketing Hub to tie all of their activities together and make the customer the center of their universe. “We now have one central view of our customers and can see email engagement we’ve sent from the recent inductee list, then tie that to messenger chat and ultimately to a ticket purchase,” said Ellie.

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A holistic solution with HubSpot and Facebook


Ellie, and the team at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame use Messenger in their personal lives, so they turned to HubSpot to also use it for their business. The team was in-luck because a brand-new beta solution that integrates Facebook and HubSpot just became available.

From the moment Ellie started to use the Messenger integration with HubSpot she instantly changed the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Facebook page CTA to “Get Started” and within hours, started getting questions from passionate music fans and future visitors.

The change was so apparent that on Easter Sunday, the team received 54 messages from 14 unique users most of which were about the museum hours. If not for HubSpot and Messenger, “most of these inquiries would have arrived, and been left, in email or never would have happened in the first-place. Messenger gave these visitors access, and gave us insight into what these visitors want to know” said Ellie.

Every visitor who contacts the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame through Messenger instantly becomes a contact in HubSpot and can be tied into marketing efforts. “We want to make Cleveland a destination and for visitors to experience what the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is like before they even step foot into the museum.” Ellie continued by saying, “We can now easily do this by sending follow-up information and tie-in to our automation, email, social, and other marketing with this integration. While all these traditional channels are important to us, the Messenger integration gives us an opportunity to engage in a way that turns traditional communications on its ear.”

Generating Revenue Through Conversations


This influx of conversations has made an impact on their business as well. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame found that 12% of people who purchased tickets, messaged them first which naturally helps drive acquisition costs down. People who contact the museum on Messenger also spend 12% more than those who do not.

“This is really only the beginning. At this point, 2% of our customers have reached us on Messenger and as we continue to learn this channel we will continue to expand our audience and drive more ticket sales. We’re excited about continuing to communicate with our customers on a channel they already use for personal and business communications, and we’re committed to this integration with HubSpot and Messenger.” Ellie said.

As Rock & Roll Hall of Fame continues to grow, they plan to lean-in further with Messenger and HubSpot and ensure their service, support, and marketing teams are all communicating effectively on this channel, and taking these insights and applying them across their business.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame leverages both HubSpot CRM and the Marketing Hub, powered by AWS, to tie all of their activities together and make the customer the center of their universe.