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Digital Web Analytics

Gaining an edge in the online marketplace can be very difficult, and simply having a website won’t be enough.  You really need a marketing strategy that aligns with your website.  Our web analytics team can get you the answers your spending so much to find.

Seeing how your customers are using your website can turn your business around immediately.  Analyzing your analytics is imperative to grow your online presence.  Imagine running your business and never keeping an account of what you spend or save.

Our web analytic packages deliver an efficient way to understand your website’s performance and discover any problems that may arise.

Data-Driven Marketing

Our SEO team will customize your analytics to execute your marketing goals.  Our first step is identifying KPIs to help achieve your ultimate goals.  You can’t provide quality SEO without the web analytics gathered and interpreted properly.

Own Your Data

We primarily work with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to pull the data directly from your website.  We don’t procure our own data and skew the data to match our goals.  Data you can trust and make major decisions based on.

We provide weekly reports so you can keep track of our progress and how we plan on reaching our goals.  Our web design team can make sure the UX is perfect, so visitors will provide the data you need to market efficiently to them.

Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics (GA)

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

User Behavior Data

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